Riverview Animal Clinic is a full service, modern veterinary facility offering a broad range of animal healthcare services

The “Motel for Pets” was built in 1956 by Dr. Jack Baker, a practicing veterinarian from Homewood.

It operated as a boarding facility until the fall of 1984, when Dr. Arthur Serwitz purchased and renovated it to accommodate a veterinary practice as well as maintaining the original boarding facilities.

Over the years, the facility has undergone two renovations and remodels with three major additions, including the most recent, completed in 2011 which, along with a full clinic modernization, allowed for more indoor boarding space, an updated, modernized dental and surgical suite, and two additional exam rooms.

Years in Business

Skilled Veterinarians

Carestaff Team Members

The demands of keeping pace with growth and medical needs is never ending. Dr. Robert Wood  joined Dr Serwitz in the summer of 1985, and the following year became a partner. Dr. Alvin Atlas had worked with Dr. Serwitz previously at Standifer’s Animal Clinic and then here at Riverview Animal Clinic as a technician. When he graduated veterinary school from Auburn in 1988, he became an associate veterinarian at RAC, and a partner in 1998.

Dr. Amy Tate grew up at Riverview during her high school and college years working as a kennel technician, receptionist, and then later as a veterinary technician. She has been a veterinarian with us since 2000, after she too graduated from veterinary school at Auburn. Dr. Tate became a partner in 2008. Dr. Chris Campbell became an associate veterinarian here in March of 2007, and like Dr. Atlas, also sees avian, exotic and some wildlife species.   In 2014, we welcomed two new additions to our ever-growing Riverview Family. Dr. Layla Dodgen joined us as an associate veterinarian and Dr. Jana Korsch-Dismukes was welcomed as our Veterinary Ophthalmologist Specialist. The latest addition to the Riverview Animal Clinic veterinarian team is Dr. Amelia Cox. Dr. Cox was privileged to spend her summers and holiday breaks working as a veterinary technician at Riverview. During that time she came to see Riverview as a model of high quality veterinary care and is thrilled to join the team as an associate veterinarian.

We’re very excited about these new additions to our family and feel they can bring a new level of excitement and passion to the knowledge and history of our clinic.

Riverview Animal Clinic is a full service, modern veterinary facility offering a broad range of animal healthcare services, from routine wellness care to advanced diagnostics to surgery, dental care and much, much more. Whatever your pet’s veterinary care needs, we’re ready and able to assist. We want to become your trusted partner in helping your animal companion to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life and we look forward to welcoming you to our clinic soon!