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    Meet Christopher Robin!

    Christopher Robin is one of our Clinic residents. She lost the top portion of her beak to a dog attack, but being such a smart lady she quickly adapted to … Read More »

    Chocolate Poisoning

    How Chocolate is Harmful Chocolate contains theobromine, a powerful stimulant related to theophylline (a respiratory medication) and caffeine. Chocolate also contains caffeine, but in much smaller quantities. Dark, unsweetened, and … Read More »

    Why Spay and Neuter?

    Why to Spay and Neuter? Benefits for you and your pet: Your companion will live a longer, healthier life and you will experience fewer headaches if you get him or … Read More »

    Pet Emergencies After Hours

    An on-call doctor is available to answer questions after hours, including weekends and holidays, by calling our regular hospital number (991-9580) and dialing “1.” When the voicemail system instructs, leave … Read More »