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    Happy First Day of Spring!

    Spring has sprung… well, at least according to the calendar it has :)
    Spring is often referred to as “puppy season,” which means animal shelters are often overflowing with young dogs/ puppies/ cats/ kittens. If you are looking for a furry friend to open your heart and your home to there’s no better way to celebrate the spring season than giving a forever home to an animal in need.

    For adoptable dogs/cats please visit: MOMAKAT RESCUEGreater Birmingham Humane SocietyGreater Birmingham Humane Society AuxiliaryShelby Humane Society, Crossing Paths Animal Rescue Animal Adoption Center of Blount County, Two by Two Animal RescueBlount County Animal Shelter, Inc,  The Animal Adoption Center of Blount CountyAdopt A Golden BirminghamWeimaraner Rescue of the SouthBama Bully Rescue.

    If you have a new puppy or kitten please make sure to have your new puppy/kitten examined, vaccinated and given lots of love :)

    Please Spay/Neuter.

    The warmer weather can mean more outside time for your pet, but it’s not without it’s dangers…

    There are a number of spring plants that can be dangerous or even deadly to your pet(s) if consumed. It’s important to know which plants are safe around your animals and which could cause them harm.Visit the link for a list of Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants.Enjoy the Spring!

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