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    Holiday Pet Tip: Gifts Under the Tree


    Below are a few tips we would like to share on the hazards of gifts under the tree.

    • Gifts for Pets: Please make sure to remove ribbons or bows before you allow your dog to unwrap his/her own gifts. If swallowed, ribbons or string on gifts can cause intestinal obstruction, requiring surgery. Also, make sure your pet does not ingest paper or wrapping material during the gift opening frenzy ;).
    • Gifts for Humans: Perfumes and colognes contain ethanol (alcohol) and perfume also contains essential oils which can be very toxic to dogs if ingested.
    • Batteries can be toxic and cause intestinal obstruction. Please keep these items in a safe place and away from pets.
    • Please keep Snow globes (most often contain antifreeze… poisonous to pets) out of your pets reach. Globes can be knocked over causing a hazard of broken glass and poisonous liquid.  Please keep these out of reach!!!!!
    • Put away toys after children are finished playing and make sure all small accessories are put away: Small plastic pieces and rubber part are common causes of choking and intestinal blockage in dogs. Ingested plastic, cloth and small toys must often be removed surgically.

    Have fun during the holidays and please be pet safe :)


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