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    Saving Nicholas


    The Story of Nicholas the Cat!

    In 2012, a caring client was driving though Gadsden on her way home to Birmingham and noticed a very frail, frightened and patchy black cat on the sidewalk.  This cat was not in front any house or near a place of safety, he was just kind of sitting crouched down all alone on a hard slab of concrete.  Very concerned she immediatly turned around and went back to check on him.  When close enough to really get a good look at him she could tell he was in need of a guardian angel. On glance, it was apparent there was something wrong with his left eye and it appeared he was abandoned and on his own.  As she approached him, he acted as if he knew her.  He was immediately friendly and affectionate – really affectionate.  This poor baby was in bad condition.  It was obvious that he was blind in the left eye and both eyes appeared badly infected.  He was extremely emaciated and missing spots of hair on his tail and body.  Afraid he was very sick and unable to make it on his own she retrieved the carrier (that she keeps for such emergencies) from her trunk. Doing what any animal lover and caring person would do, she opened the top of the carrier, picked him up and set him in it.  He meowed for a second but soon realized he was going to be ok.

    Unsure of how she would care for him, she headed straight to Riverview Animal Clinic. Dr. Atlas was the late doctor on duty that night and went straight to work caring for Nicholas. He was immediately tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia in which both tests came back negative.  Due to his bad condition, Nicholas stayed at Riverview for further care. Dr. Amy Tate resumed caring for Nicholas, doing the necessary surgery for his eye and treating him for hyperthyroidism and other conditions.

    Today Nicholas is a very handsome, cared for kitty and to see him no one would guess what he has been through.  The eye injury turned out to be from trauma.  We’ll never know what Nicholas has been though but one can just imagine – pain, trauma, starving, mistreatment, abuse, neglect and if only Nicholas could speak or we could understand kitty language, we believe he would have a lot to tell.
    As everyone at the clinic fell in love with his wisdom and funny personality, it was decided Nicholas would become the new clinic cat.
    It is amazing that with all Nicholas had been through, he was immediately loving and fearless.   A lot can be learned from Nicholas, he was neglected and abused but has never stopped showing love and affection despite all his past struggles. He has touched the hearts of so many. We Love you Nicholas!

    “Every time I see Nicholas in the clinic or on FB and see how he is taken care of and loved and has indeed become a star, getting genuine affection and attention from so many people who come into the clinic, I think how much he deserves his new fame and notoriety.  Not only does he now have the BEST shelter, warm comfortable places to rest, food and vet care he probably gets more attention than any cat state wide.”
    said Linda Sue Smith (Nicholas’s Guardian Angel)

    Thank You Sue Smith you are truly Nicholas’s Guardian Angel!


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