Providing quality veterinary care and exceptional service for over 30 years.

The professional and compassionate staff at Riverview Animal Clinic provides quality veterinary care and exceptional service for the pets of the Birmingham, AL area.

We are a full service veterinary hospital serving the healthcare needs of dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, reptiles and exotics.

Whether it’s a routine wellness exam or advanced treatment of disease, we’re well equipped to meet all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. Our doctors and care team members are dedicated to providing progressive care coupled with superior guidance and individualized support to each animal and owner. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic soon.

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Happy Wednesday! Here’s a few fuzzy, wiggly, adorable reasons to make it through the week—courtesy of Alabama Rabbit Rescue!

These three babies came to see Dr. Atlas for a check up today. While the two brown bunnies got clean bills of health, the white baby has been having some trouble walking on his back legs. We took some x-rays today and we’re hopeful he’ll be hopping along soon. Keep him in your thoughts, and check out the other bunnies up for adoption with the rescue!

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Winter might seem like a flea-free season, but don’t be fooled. Each winter, our doctors see more and more pets plagued by infestations that owners thought cold weather would prevent. Here in Alabama, weather fluctuates mildly enough to keep flea cycles active year-round.

Adult fleas can’t survive without a blood meal for more than two weeks, but the fleas you see on your pet are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, 95% of the lifecycle takes place in the warm and dark places within your home where flea eggs, larvae, and pupae are hiding.

A single adult flea will lay up to 50 eggs on your pets skin per day. Those eggs drop off within your home and can sit waiting for ideal conditions for up to a year! 🙀 That’s 350 fleas being born per week from just ONE flea your pet may pick up in the yard.

Remember that garbage, debris, and animal droppings act like little flea bus stops in your backyard, and they don’t mind waiting around for your pet to pull into station. 🚌🐾

Thankfully, keeping your dog or cat on a reputable brand of flea and tick prevention year-round will largely prevent infestation. Do your research, and be sure to pick up a prevention that stops the flea life cycle as opposed to just killing adult fleas.

There are lots of preventions on the market, so give us a call if you’re having trouble deciding which option might be best for your pet. After all, they are counting on you to help them have a happy and itch-free winter season! ☃️

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🍬Visions of sugarplums🍬have been dancing in Christopher Robin’s head this evening! She’s also been thinking of all the holiday tips she’s picked up after calling the clinic home for so many years.

She loves holiday plants, but varieties like poinsettias, hollies, lilies, and mistletoe are toxic to pets of all kinds. 🎄

Fatty holiday foods might seem like a tasty treat for humans, but those hearty roasts, gravies, nuts, and eggnog can cause dangerous pancreatitis in pets. Stick to their diet as usual. 🦴

Christopher Robin had a great time posing in front of the Christmas tree, but the tinsel, ribbon, and lights are tempting toys for cats, dogs, and birds alike! Keep ornaments at least a foot or two off the ground, and block strings of lights if you know you’ve got a chewer in the house.

Although she loves watching snowflakes fall, this coddled conure wouldn’t dream of walks in the snow. ❄️ Make sure your pets aren’t exposed to cold weather for extended periods of time. If you do have outdoor pets, be sure that their shelters are heated, and they have access to water that won’t freeze. ☃️

That’s all she’s got for now! Remember, we (Christopher Robin included) are here seven days a week for any questions throughout the holidays!

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– Testimonials –

Riverview Animal Clinic is awesome! The staff if very caring and helpful. I am very thankful for the service and loving caring treatment they gave my tortoise. David was very professional, very caring and patient when explaining the treatment plan. Thank you!

Faith Largin

We treat our fur babies like humans and I don't always expect others to do the same, but Riverview treated my dog how I would hope she would be treated and more. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Cox. She has a heart of gold. I would highly highly recommend this Animal Clinic for all of your animals!

Lindsey Young

This is by far the best vet clinic I've ever been to. Everyone is very friendly, polite, and knowledgeable. Dr. Atlas is a hero. He's gotten several of my guinea pigs through very rough times and I'm so grateful.

Kaylin Hand

I brought my hedgehog in because of a tumor on her mammary. Dr. Atlas, Britney, and all the staff, were so gracious and kind. From their warm personalities to treating my hedgie with the utmost care to treating me gently with the news, they were professional and caring.

Ami Taylor

Just wanted to express my thanks to Dr. Campbell and his assisting Vet Techs for taking such good care of our guinea pigs and treating us to a tour of the clinic animals on one of our visits. Thanks also to the front desk staff who always greet us right away.

Amanda Burman Ansel

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